What Motivates Magi?


Mission & Vision

 Every animal has a unique personality and way of seeing the world. Animals also fit within a larger family system of people--most often times their human family.  Magi's mission at Spiraling Up Conversations is to co-create a world where all species thrive, live in dignity and have a voice to shape the world in which they live.  Magi brings her unique skills as an animal intuitive/animal communicator and her training in whole systems and collaborative co-creation from her Master's degree in Organizational Systems Renewal from Seattle University.  Magi listens to the voices of people and their pets to co-create thriving lives for all species. 


Services Offered


  • Animal Communication Conversations (over the phone & in person)
  • Coaching to create a win-win family life for you and your pet
  • Reiki for Pets
  • Holistic Pet Care Coaching
  • Elder Pet Care & Quality of Life Coaching
  • Workshop Host
  • Public Speaker


Questions to Explore


  • What is the cause of my pet behaving a particular way?  
  • What could I do that would make my pet feel happy and more loved?
  • What was my pet's life like before I adopted her from the pound?
  • What type of animal if any would my pet like as a companion?  
  • How does your pet feel and what might be contributing toward illness?
  • What ideas does your pet have about win-win solutions to a behavioral problems?
  • How does your pet see the world and what would make its life more fun?
  • If you would like to change your pets food, what preference do they have?  

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