About Magi

 Magi has a Master's degree in Organizational Systems with a focus on how to bring diverse voices together to create a new future. This education combined with her training with Energy Clearing and Intuitive Professionals make her well suited for this work. 

Magi has studied with the following teachers:
Nancy Rosanoff, Intuitive Coach & Consultant
Esther Lail, Clairvoyant
Eric Dowsett, Energy Clearing Professional
Jane Goodall, Animal Magic Course at Schumacher College (2003)
Rupert Sheldrake, Animal Magic Course at Schumacher College (2003)

Magi grew up on a small family farm in rural Maine. Most of her childhood was spent exploring and being in her natural surroundings. It would not be uncommon for her to have spent a whole day sitting by a creek watching the water swirl and the fish dart in and out under logs. In 2000 Magi was diagnosed with Environmental Illness, a condition that required her to rebuild her immune system because of heavy metal toxicity. It was in the following 2 years spent walking in nature that Magi rekindled her awareness of our inherent connection with all life.

My Philosophy

  • We are all connected. 
  • As residents on planet earth, every species has a voice in creating a world of dignity, peace, and joy.
  • The more diverse voices included in a conversation the more creative and sustainable the outcome.
  • Being open to new perspectives, accepting what is and being open to letting go are keys to happiness.
  • Focusing attention on creating what one wants more of will get you what you want faster than the alternative.

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 What does a session look like? 
A typical session lasts an hour.  A session begins me receiving a photo and questions via email that you would like me to explore with your pet. Once I receive the photos, I communicate with your pet around the questions you provided for approximately 15 minutes. Once our conversation is complete, I then speak with the owner over the phone or in person and share what I have learned.  During this time, I dialogue with the pet and the owner to clarify any remaining questions that might come up.  

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