Client Reviews

 Magi has a unique ability to connect with animals and can facilitate loving relationships between pets and their families. When working with our pet Windy, Magi has provided insightful steps we can use to improve our lives together.
-Dave, Seattle, WA

One of my cats became really spooked one morning and was incredibly afraid to be around my other two cats.  For several days, I had to keep them separated.  I asked Magi to do some distance healing and communication for my cat and almost as soon as she was done, my cat was back to normal again and able to associate with my other household cats.  
-Karen, Beaverton, WA

Working with Magi was a new but wonderful experience. She was insightful and intuitive regarding our dog, and provided valuable suggestions for how we can work more effectively with her as a partner. After speaking with Magi, we made a few simple changes that have had huge impact for both our dog and us. I would absolutely recommend this for anyone that wants to nurture and build upon their relationship with their animal.
-Ali, Las Vegas, NV

I have witnessed Magi’s ability to connect and communicate with animals many times over the years, so I asked for her help recently when my dog, Rapunzel, seemed depressed. I am happy to say that Magi’s interactions with Rapunzel gave me a window into Rapunzel’s thoughts and motivations. It was a gift to be able to “hear” what my dog needed from me. And now I better understand some of her behaviors. Magi was able to convey examples and helpful details on my dog’s behalf. Magi has a unique ability to notice how a slight  change in focus can make a big impact in a relationship or other system. Her work with animals provides an ideal opportunity for her to apply her gifts.

-Danielle, Bainbridge Island, WA