Getting Started!

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Hello and Welcome!
My work starts by listening compassionately to people and their animals desire to create a new way of being together. I am often called when owners’ have noticed a change in their relationship with their animal companions, and they want to un-derstand what is happening and what can be done to improve their shared experi-ence. My clients value their animal’s perspective and are looking for a solution that is win-win for everyone.

How It Works
As an intuitive, I receive information telepathically from animals in three ways: I may see images, receive feelings, hear words. My role is to be a clear channel, re-ceptive to information in any form an animal desires to share with me.

What a Session Looks Like
I offer in-person and long-distance sessions to my clients. The receipt of tele-pathic information does not require me to be physically present with you and your pet. 

Getting Started 
I will need the following:
1) A photo of your pet; 2) Three to five questions that you would like me to ask your pet; and 3) Schedule An in-person or phone conversation.

Magi's Code of Ethics

All humans have an intuitive ability.  Some of us have cultivated ability through practice and serve as Animal Intuitives. 

I hold an open heart of compassion for all clients who come to me.  I believe we are all doing the best we can in every situation.

I have a committed spiritual practice that involves continual awareness and personal growth.  I am driven to ensure that my personal “stuff” is cleared to allow for clear and clean communication.  

I continue to learn about the health and well being of animals in order to best serve my clients.  

I seek to provide a conversation space that gently and compassionately holds the perspectives of people and their animal companions.  
I only provide intuitive services where I am asked.  

I respect the privacy of people and animal companions I work with and honor their desire for confidentiality.

Through compassionate listening and gentle questioning, I help people to come to their own awareness of what is the best step forward in the well being of their animal companion.  I provide options and allow people to make their own choices in their own time.

I acknowledge my limitations and help from other professionals as needed. I may relay animals’ ideas, feelings, pains, symptoms, as they describe them or as we feel or perceive them, and this may be helpful to veterinary health professionals.  I do not provide veterinary services,prescribe medications or treatments.

I let clients decide for themselves how to work with healing their animal companions’ distress, disease, or injury, given all the information available.

The goal of any consultation, lecture, workshop, or interspecies experience is to co-create the shared experience of greater understanding, compassion, and love for ourselves and our animal companions.